Translation of Sukhneh builders document

In the name of Allah, the best of the names, who created the Earth and the Heaven, This is a statement and reminder for a day of disagreement ( disputation). The Immigrants who live in Ain Al-Sukhneh have agreed to conduct the justice among them.    They agreed that the girl's dowry will be four Otheman dinars and the widow's dowyr will be three dinars and the dowry of old woman will be two dinars, and the owner of the woman (  her agent as her father or whatever) will be given one dinar as a price of the sheep and the gift when he approves about her marriage, this is specifically  about a  girl's rights, and the owner of the widow will be given three Othman Majdys,  and the old woman's owner will be given two Majdys. If someone carries a woman in spite of her ( kidnap ), five Dinars will be taken from  the husband ( the kidnaper ) for her father, and one Dinar will be taken from who assists him to carry her, additional two Dinars will be taken from the husband as a ransom for the citizens of the village.  If the woman follows the man, her dowry will be tow Dinars, and the ransom from the husband will be three Dinars for the citizens of the village, and the agreement will be as the first- one Dinar for the sheep and the gift. The engagement and the marriage will be in the same time.
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As for the shift of cows and sheep, the shepherd will go one day for each head ( cow or sheep ), and he must give a brief about his shift to the next one before sleeping time, otherwise the damage ( cost of the damage ) will be taken from the shepherd of  the next day. If the next one does not go to the cows ( his shift as shepherd) even he was informed about that, the fare of shepherd of that day will be taken from him what ever the value of the fare is- few or much. If one of the property( cow or sheep ) is absent in the evening, the owner must inform the shepherd about that before sleeping time, and it won't be considered if he informs in the next day. If one of cows dies and the shepherd is excused of that ( he is not responsible of the death), nothing will be taken from him, otherwise( he is responsible of the death ) the damage will be taken from him due to honest law ( Islamic law).
End of animals search.

The owner of farm does not own in his farm except the greenness. The garden owner owns every thing in his garden as greenness and wood.  And if they (citizens of the village ) go to the head of the river ( to maintain the canal ) and one of the citizens of the village does not go even he has good body(healthy) and he is present in his family, one Jarank will be taken from him as a ransom for the citizens of the village, and half of Jarank will be taken from who cuts the water ( irrigate out of his turn )
End of farm search

This was edited in the Sha'ban month on the 8th day of it,  in Year 1329 hijri

And as agreement of what was decided in this paper, each of house owner ( head of family ) stamped on this document, and their names:

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